Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Baby!

John and Dorsey's Baby was born today! Hooray! Can't wait for them to start posting the pictures.

We had a wind storm this week and today was really cold. Yesterday there was thunder and hail!

The sumac made it through the year. I think next year it will be stronger and bigger.
Rhubarb is still hanging in there.
The ground cover is starting to cover the garden for winter. It needs to get a bit more lush to hold on to the soil for the next rain storm. I bought a eucalyptus plant and stuck it in the far corner.
Simba got a new house and was having fun playing in it. You can tell that he is a real nocturnal animal by his eyes. :)

And with the flash...

This is a bluebell that mom gave me. I planted it between the lavender plants.
It's almost Halloween time. :)