Friday, April 13, 2007

Last of the red tulips?

We had a lot of wind early in the week and it blew some of the the big tulip leaves off. I was looking at this picture and I noticed a pink tulip that I didn't realize I had. I had to run outside and check - sure enough there is a pink one right by one of the boxes. The tree has some small leaves too now. I trimmed som of the bushes last week too.

Here is the Sumac that mom gave me last year. It's coming back to life.
Here is an update on the crops. Radishes are getting bigger, no carrots yet, I can just see the beets and the chard but you have to look hard. I took off the cloches so they could get some rain. It's supposed to be cold this weekend so I'll be putting them on again before night.

This is an elephant garlic that we got at the farmers' market. The guy told us that it would make a pretty plant and get really big.